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Meet Don Roque, Owner

Don Roque began Rancho Hermanos Prado 25 years ago, he built every part by hand! Not only is he the owner, he is an excellent fisherman. He has literally traversed the entire 70+ acres on foot, getting to know his property from the ground up. Roque is an unassuming, gentle and genuine kind soul ready to be your guide, shaman or good friend. Come meet Roque in person.

Restaurante de Prado

Come and Enjoy some of the best Ecuadorian Cuisine in the Cajas. Our fantastic Cocinero Fabian will serve up his finest. Really get a taste of the Cajas!

Activities at Rancho Hermanos Prado


Authentic Ecuadorian

Horseback Riding

See the Cajas as you’ve never seen them.


Best in the Cajas!

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Wildlife is abundant.


Exquisite scenery!

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Fly Fishing at it’s best.

I enjoyed our stay at Rancho Hermanos Prado, from the Cajas, to the fishing, to your family and so much more.
Thank you,
Larry & Kaye

Larry Sturgis

Sage Elders Inc.

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